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Custom CBD Formulation

Laboratory process, dropping liquid into beaker
Lab capabilities beaker

Capabilities of Our Lab

Hemp Labs of America offers both custom and ready-made hemp oil formulas for your product.

Whether you are looking to create body care products or topical ointments, our team has you covered. Give life to your idea by simply getting in touch.

The Capabilities of our Hemp Extract Lab Include:

When choosing a hemp oil or CBD supplier it is important to know that you're working with dependable and high-quality materials. Hemp Labs of America is dedicated to providing the best resources in the industry. 

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Quality Research & Development

Whether you are looking for custom formulation or a generic formula, the success of your product requires only high-quality ingredients and advanced technology. As a commitment to your success, our lab is constantly conducting research, both for your product formula and our own advances. You can rely on our data, knowledge, and team expertise to uncover the latest breakthroughs in the CBD industry.

Scientist testing sample using microscope

Give Life to Your Idea!

Take the first step in in bringing your CBD infused products to life.