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Hemp Labs of America: Should You Manufacture Your Own CBD Products?

Starting your own CBD company is a great way to jump on a new business opportunity while helping people handle pain, medical and psychological issues. However, if you are considering creating private label CBD products, you must first consider the legalities and issues involved. 

Manufacturing your own CBD products is not like any other business in the United States. You must know each state’s laws and federal laws to determine how to create your product and how to market it.  

Read on to learn more about creating your own private label CBD products

What Are the Legalities of Manufacturing CBD Oils?

Federal and state laws have a direct impact on your CBD business. Under federal law, any cannabis plant that contains more than .3% THC is not a “hemp product” plant. Any CBD derived from such a plant does not qualify as legal CBD oil. However, hemp products or CBD oil testing at less than .3% THC is legal to distribute and possess.

The federal government isn’t the only entity limiting your private label CBD products. States also have clear laws, but these vary from state to state. Some states do not allow people to possess even CBD oil with a lower than .3% THC concentration, even though these are legal under federal law. 

As a manufacturer of CBD oil, you must learn the state law for your state and all states in which you plan to sell your product. Not knowing the law won’t hold up in court as a defense. It’s your responsibility to know all state and federal laws surrounding the manufacture and sale of CBD oil. 

How Do I Create My Oil?

Developing your own CBD oil is like designing your own fragrance. You must work with a CBD provider that has a proven method of developing your own formula for your CBD oil. Choosing a CBD provider is not something to take lightly. The wrong provider may create a formula that is not the right fit for your brand. Even worse, the wrong provider may create a formula that violates federal and state laws. 

Once you begin the process of creating your formula, ask as many questions as you can of your partners. Make your wishes known. What benefits would you like your oil to possess? Do you want your oil to have a specific fragrance? Together, you and your provider will settle on a unique formula. 

How Should I Market My Private Label CBD Oil?

Private label CBD oils have not yet oversaturated the market. However, as the industry has grown, competition does too. Marketing is one key to standing out from the crowd. 

Make sure you use tested branding techniques to market your private label CBD oil. Come up with a name that catches your market’s attention. Settle on a specific audience and learn all you can about them. Market to them by addressing their needs and pain points. 

A proven CBD provider can help you determine the best audience for your product. The provider has guided many entrepreneurs through the start-up process to solvency. Experts will have the best ideas for your marketing position and branding. 

What Are the Benefits to Manufacturing My Own CBD Products?

Independent distributors who develop and manufacture their own CBD products and sell them through their own outlets make up the backbone of the CBD industry.

Creating your own products can have many benefits. Because CBD oils are still relatively new in the marketplace, many scents, benefits, characteristics, and even target audiences remain underutilized. The best way to begin is with a niche audience of underserved consumers. Read the blogs and publications with a keen eye on what others are looking for. Could your formulation be for seniors? For those dealing with fibromyalgia? For those who prefer their products drop-shipped? Or those who like to browse a beautiful, unique store and are going for more of an experience than a particular product? 

Manufacturing your own products helps ensure you keep your cash flow positive. CBD oil distributors pay manufacturers, shipping, and insurance costs. By creating your own product, you cut out the middleman, which keeps profits in your pocket.  

Finally, as a manufacturer, you have more control over every aspect of your unique CBD oil formulation. You dictate the branding, marketing, and even when and where it can be purchased. You can create your own store and set the rules and pricing for your product.

Take the Leap to Create Your CBD Oils Today

Every week, research emerges showing the power of CBD oils to remedy everything from anxiety to arthritis. People are beginning to turn to CBD oils in the same way they turn to essential oils, nutritional supplements, and vitamins. Since CBD oil comes with few to no side effects, many consumers prefer them over harsh pharmaceuticals.  

To learn more about creating private label CBD oils, contact the experts at Hemp Labs of America at (858) 280-3670 or leave us a message on our online form. One of our expert team members will be happy to answer your questions.

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