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Should Your Company Have a CBD Line?

Given the popularity of CBD, it’s no surprise that businesses are considering the addition of a CBD line. From tinctures to topicals to treats and everything in between, CBD is a booming industry worth taking a part in. If you’re one of the companies almost ready to make the leap by adding private label CBD products, read on to see why and how you should.

How Do Companies and Retailers Incorporate CBD Manufacturers and Products? 

The first step to considering a CBD line within your company is to see how competitors have done it, and if your industry has the right type of customers to make your CBD line successful. CBD is produced as an oil from the hemp (cannabis Sativa L) or cannabis plant. Where the leaves and oils from cannabis’s cousin, the marijuana plant, have psychotropic effects, cannabis has no such effects. After having split from a common ancestor ages ago, cannabis and marijuana have very different chemistries and characteristics. 


While CBD is often added to products, its oil can be consumed by itself in the form of a tincture. Tinctures are extract materials suspended in a solvent, and hemp’s natural oil content makes it the perfect plant to use. Instead of adding a CBD product to their daily routines, some CBD users will consume CBD oil tincture by using a dropper to put a small amount under the tongue instead. For companies that sell similar concentrated materials, adding a CBD tincture is only natural.

Skincare and Topicals 

Incorporating CBD into your products is especially easy for those in the beauty and skincare industry. More and more studies recognize that CBD has skincare benefits. CBD is frequently added to beauty products, including lotions, balms, creams, and face oils. In recent years, trendy products have started to incorporate hemp and CBD products, most notably the CBD bath bomb.


Another form of CBD that’s common is daily CBD gummies. They look and taste like any other daily gummy you’d take, but contain 5mg of CBD. Gummies have been marketed as a convenient, tasty option for those looking to take a daily dose of CBD regularly.

Why Have a CBD Line? 

There are quite a few reasons to jump into CBD product manufacturing. Here are the biggest ones.

CBD Is Popular 

First and foremost, CBD is popular right now. Millions of people take it each day, with daily CBD gummies being the most popular. No matter how many other brands jump on the fad, there should be more consumers wanting the product, particularly if you develop a unique niche. And getting customers to switch from another line to yours isn’t the only way to grow your brand. Given the good press CBD gets for its positive health benefits, more new users try the natural substance every day. 

CBD Is Reliable 

When sourced from a reputable partner, there is nothing to worry about with the legality or safety of your CBD line’s products. State and federal governments recognize CBD products as non-intoxicating and have granted them all legal permissions. The THC in any CBD product is just 0.3%, or 0.0003, far below the state’s standards for intoxicants. 

CBD Is Worthwhile Financially 

Lastly, CBD can be a very lucrative field. Despite the aggressive competition, the room still exists for more manufacturers to create, brand, and label their own versions. Success is more assured for those who launch a CBD line in addition to established products. Consumers are just more likely to opt for products made by a brand they already trust and even love. 

How Do You Start a CBD Line?

Starting a CBD line within your company takes a few steps and some key decisions. Ultimately, however, starting a new line is always a thrill, particularly when the product has so much positive potential. See the main points for beginning a CBD line below, all of which apply to CBD tinctures, CBD gummy brands, and CBD skin care private labels.

Do Your Research 

Step one to starting a CBD line is to do your research. Make sure you understand the differences between certain cannabinoids, the components of CBD oil, and the distinction between hemp products and CBD products. It’s a newer retail field, and the terms can be tricky. 

Choose a CBD Manufacturer 

Picking a reliable vendor is the most critical part of the CBD line creation process. Where you source your CBD from does matter. The best CBD manufacturers will produce high-quality CBD oil grown from hemp as near-organic as possible. You’ll want to avoid GMO hemp, as well as hemp that is grown with pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers. It’s also wise to use CBD extracted using a CO2 process instead of one with chemical solvents like acetone. 

Choose Your Products

You’ll also want to consider what type of products you want. Will you be selling tinctures, topicals, gummies, or something else? Do you have a plan for customization, or are you seeking something turn-key? If you’re going for a CBD skincare private label, take time to choose products that seem to be selling best from your pre-existing product lines, and add CBD to them.

Demonstrate CBD’s Benefits Through Branding

The last step to starting a CBD line is branding it. It’s important to showcase your CBD for what it is: safe, authentic, and effective. Find a way to make your CBD products stand out from the rest. Run promotions or ads to get current customers introduced and interested in your company’s new line. 

How Do You Market a CBD Company? 

It’s fully possible to become a leading CBD brand by spreading awareness and producing high-quality products. To begin the marketing process, use the information provided to you from your CBD manufacturers about the products. Promote your products as safe and third-party tested. Most brands also find it helpful to teach their customers about the legality, efficacy, and benefits of CBD while launching a new product line. They should be prepared to equip consumers with the information they need to be sold on a product. Most notably for CBD skin care private labels, tout the CBD skincare benefit.  CBD is known for fighting eczema, acne, redness, and inflammation. Be careful, however, to avoid medical “claims.” Do not say your products will prevent, cure, or treat any conditions unless you want the FTC to send you letters about unproven claims. Instead, use language like, “our customers use these creams to help with eczema, redness, acne, etc.” 

Make the Decision with Hemp Labs of America 

If your company is ready to start a white label CBD brand, contact us at Hemp Labs of America today. Our CBD production laboratories accommodate both custom-formula CBD options as well as turn-key CBD brands. Whether you have a company taking on a branded version of white label CBD or a storefront franchise looking for an already-branded line, Hemp Labs of America is the way to get the products you want with the quality you need. Contact us at (888) 610-4489 or leave your message or question on our online form.

Hemp Labs of America

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