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The Definitive Guide to CBD Oil for Pets

When it comes to your pets, we understand that you only want the best for them. CBD for pets is becoming a popular topic of discussion among the world of pet care. Similar to the effects for humans, CBD has proven successful in treating conditions like arthritis, depression, and anxiety in pets. So, how exactly does CBD oil work for pets?


What is CBD?

CBD is just one of the many cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. It is a non-psychoactive that provides many significant health benefits which include relief from inflammation, pain, anxiety and other conditions. Most of the CBD products on the market are extracted from hemp, which comes from cannabis, yet contains little to no of the psychoactive cannabinoid known as THC. Unlike the cannabinoid THC, which contains the properties that give you the “high” feeling, CBD brings forth positive effects without the dizzy feeling.


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What are Some of the Benefits of CBD Oil for Pets?

Like humans, animals suffer from a wide range of conditions. Using CBD oil for pets can make the symptoms associated with those conditions much more bearable. Here are just a few holistic benefits you should know about CBD for pets.

1.CBD is a Non-Psychoactive

When an animal consumes a product containing THC it could lead to neurologic toxicity. Pets do not process experiences the way humans do meaning that ingesting cannabis can make them feel frightened. On the other hand, CBD contains minimal to no traces of THC and will provide your pet with the beneficial effects.

2. CBD Reduces Swelling and Relieves Pain

In pets, CBD  works by interacting with receptors in the brain which in turn reduces the chances of exhibiting pain and displaying inflammation.

3. CBD Helps Fight Cancer

Studies have shown the positive impacts CBD has on cancer cells. These effects include stopping the spread of cancer and interfering with cancer cell growth. Also, many studies conducted on mice and rats have shown favorable results for cancer treatment.

There are more benefits to list including, elimination of seizures, combating anxiety, and increasing appetite. As for side effects, there are very few that exist and only occur in very rare cases.


Management and Dosage

CBD oil for pets is simple to administer. The easiest way to give CBD to your pet is by putting it directly in their mouths. Other ways to administer it would be through food or inside of a treat. For your pet’s dosage, every animal is different. This is why we recommend starting with a low dosage and working your way up to the required level.

If any side effects occur to stop the treatment immediately. Once the side effects subside, you may resume at a lower dosage.


cbd oil for pets Hemp labs of America

Using CBD for Your Pets

As research continues for CBD, we are discovering more advantages for both animals and humans. The bottom line is that CBD is a holistic alternative to veterinary medicine that contains healthy components that could ultimately improve your pet’s quality of life. The important thing to think about cbd oil is that there are many of its health benefits that are yet unproven due to the lack of research data and published studies.

To explore this new, yet, in-demand ingredient of choice, make sure to choose the best custom-formulated CBD products from our company that is made with the latest technology. It will maintain the healthy life for pets and help them cope with various diseases which is something every pet owner strives for.

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