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CBD Is a Growing Trend (And Here’s Why)

With its rapid growth in recent years, you’ve likely heard of CBD. Cannabidiol, shortened to the acronym CBD, is a cannabinoid derived from hemp plants. The compound is extracted from plant matter and turned into an oil or another CBD-infused product. 


CBD’s many medicinal and therapeutic properties have gotten the attention of doctors, pet owners, bakers, manufacturers, and more. Differing from THC in that it doesn’t produce intoxicating effects, CBD is totally safe and legal in all states. For these reasons, consumers everywhere are looking to CBD to improve their daily lives. Similarly, companies everywhere are looking for ways to be a part of the CBD movement.


Why Companies Are Jumping on the CBD Bandwagon

Despite the spread of CBD companies and products over the past few years, CBD is a growing opportunity, with many markets yet to be conquered. These reasons should convince you of the viability of the CBD business opportunity. 


The CBD Market Trend Is Positive

According to Global News Wire, the CBD oil market should expand nearly 31% from 2020 to 2027, rising from 5 billion dollars today to 6.55 billion in 2027. When business owners choose the route of white labeling manufactured products, they can launch quickly and with low overhead costs into a growing industry. 


The Move Towards Holistic CBD Wellness 

The current consumer market is generally trending away from pharmaceuticals and traditional western medicine, particularly when natural solutions prove as or more effective. Combine the interest in CBD with the burgeoning trend of holistic wellness and CBD’s upward trajectory is undeniable. CBD wellness is one of the biggest and most accessible forms of holistic treatment. Consumer culture is genuinely shifting toward wellness, indicating long-term success for companies that create CBD lines.


Consumers with Chronic Disorders Gravitate toward More Natural Solutions

Heart disease, anxiety, and depression are some of the most prevalent health issues in the world. Unfortunately, they’ve often been the hardest to treat. CBD has eased many symptoms of these diseases, spurring a grassroots movement supporting the plant oil. 


The Published CBD Research

In the past five years, scientists have been conducting more and more CBD research. Studies on CBD’s positive, healing effects for those with seizures, heart disease, addictions, skin conditions, and psychological conditions give this neglected oil new credibility with the medical establishment and consumers alike. With solid science to stand on, companies can create inroads into more cautious markets that have yet to give CBD a chance.


Display of daily CBD oil gummies and hemp leaves demonstrating the growth of CBD market trends

Why You Should Consider a CBD Line

Trends aren’t the only factors that make CBD products appealing. Other factors make adding a CBD line to your products appealing. These benefits include:


CBD’s Potential to Diversify Your Product Line

“New and improved!” is only credible for a few iterations of a product. CBD products offer a genuine, new spin on tried and true formulations and recipes by offering unique benefits. Not only can you diversify an existing product line with CBD additions, but you can also diversify within the CBD sphere. There exist capsules, tinctures, snacks, lotions and even pet treats. If one line works for your business, try another! 


CBD’s Lucrative Potential

The CBD market’s upward growth potential makes it a reliable source of long-term income. Businesses wanting to add a CBD aspect or entrepreneurs looking to make CBD their main product are likely to profit in the coming years. 


CBD’s Simplicity

There’s no need to worry that joining the realm of CBD will be overwhelming. Hemp Labs of America makes starting a CBD line or adding one to an existing company extremely simple. You can use our stock formula, or choose custom CBD manufacturing for a unique formula that fits your needs or vision. From there, the package design and marketing is up to you, and you have complete control over your brand. 


Choose Private Label CBD From Hemp Labs of America

We know that developing a new product is no easy feat, which is why our team of CBD specialists at Hemp Labs of America does it for you! Hemp Labs of America makes the manufacturing process simple by creating private label CBD products. Our suppliers grow all-natural, high-grade hemp, and we use the utmost in purity testing to make our CBD oils. 

Create a line of private label CBD products that fit your brand identity and goals by contacting us today! Leave a message today to learn about our six steps to launching a new CBD product. We look forward to learning about your vision for a new CBD product!

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