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The Effects of Cannabidiol: How it Helps to Heal the Body

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Scientific research on the array of benefits of Cannabidiol (CBD), one of the many cannabinoids found within Cannabis Sativa plants, has been growing in popularity and demand. Research suggests that many illnesses and pain can be treated with it, here are a few of the most exciting and promising examples:


1. Epilepsy

Epilepsy is a serious condition that causes seizures from the brain’s nerves, and it affects over a million people in America today. Although research is still in its early days, there seems to be a clear link between Cannabidiol and reduction in the number of seizures suffered by epilepsy patients. From a study conducted in 2016, participants who took between two to five milligrams of CBD per day alongside existing medications reported a decrease of 36.5% fewer seizures per month.


2. Anxiety

Researchers have begun to notice a link between the brain’s serotonin receptors, the key hormone in managing mood and mental health, and Cannabidiol. Although scientists aren’t sure exactly how this is happening yet, they speculate it helps stimulate the receptors in your brain that help reduce stress, anxiety, and other associated symptoms such as insomnia.


3. Neuro-protection

Neurodegenerative disorders are among the most serious health challenges we face today. These types of diseases cause brain tissue deterioration and numerous other illnesses to develop over time. Scientists are studying the impact of CBD on some of the most serious conditions including Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s, and more. As a result, Canada and the UK have recently approved a Cannabinol-comprised drug, Sativex, for treating MS-related pain symptoms as well.

Currently, Scientists understand Cannabidiol reduces inflammation—which decreases the rate of neurodegeneration—and are doing more work to see how CBD can help improve cognitive function.


4. Arthritis and Chronic Pain

Just as CBD can reduce inflammation, it can also work with brain receptors the manage pain. Once again, studies are still in their early days, but many of them involving chemotherapy pain management have proved promising.


5. Cancer

This is the most exciting, but earliest, area of research into the positive effects of CBD. Studies have been investigating how CBD oil may actually prevent the growth of cancer cells. Enough so that The National Cancer Institute has indicated that CBD alleviates some cancer symptoms along with side effects from treatment.


Looking Ahead

Although scientists still do not have a complete understanding of all CBD oil benefits, there is a wide arrangement of data and studies that suggest positive effects on human health. That said, many pharmaceutical companies are investing in more research and development of CBD Oil Medications to eventually sell on the open market.
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