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5 Tips for Branding Your Own Private Label CBD Products

CBD isn’t a fad and appears to be a market that will continue growing for the rest of our lifetimes. It’s not unusual to want to join in on the fun by creating your own CBD company. The compound has incredible health benefits, deserves to be celebrated, and can be incredibly lucrative.

How Do I Start My Own CBD Brand?

The Brightfield Group reports that the CBD industry was worth $591 million in 2018, and has projected its growth to hit an astounding $22.5 billion by 2022. But, in a sea of CBD products, how do you jump in? Even more importantly, how do you stand out? Today, we’ll be looking at how to launch your own private label CBD products, along with some tips that help make it possible.

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5 Tips for Branding Your Own Private Label CBD Products

Private labeling refers to a practice where a product is manufactured by one company and then sold by another. Private label products are known for producing a profit while maintaining a level of trustworthiness and credibility. 


With private label products, you have the ability to brand quality products without investing in the necessary infrastructure to produce them. Here are some of our top tips for branding your private label CBD company and gearing it up to be a huge success.

Choose a Type of CBD Product

CBD comes in a lot of forms, with each touting its own benefits. Step one to CBD production is deciding exactly which CBD product you’ll be selling, if not more than one. 


Some CBD companies opt to specialize in a singular product category, with edible products like CBD-infused daily gummies being among the most common. Other CBD companies go for stellar formulas that can be implemented into any consumable or topical format, making them more versatile. Both have their benefits and come with a different set of competitors.

Do Your Research 

While companies like ours handle the back-end research, you’re given the opportunity to do marketing insight of your own! Start by analyzing the brands you like, both inside and outside of the CBD industry. What language do they use? Which color palettes stand out? What content pages are available on their sites? How are their social media posts performing? 


Determining what you like about other brands can help guide your decisions, and completing competitor audits like these will bring you closer to the top. All of this leads us to our next point…

Decide What Makes You Different

Each CBD company stands out from others, and even seemingly-similar brands differ in colors, packaging style, or copy tone. Knowing what you want your brand to resemble, what factors will you include that make you stand out? 


Maybe you’ll take on a more humorous tone, like Not Pot. Maybe you’ll aim to be philanthropic and medicinal, like Charlotte’s Web. Maybe, you’ll even try to become a front-runner in educational products that change how people see CBD. The options for your primary feature are endless, and may ultimately determine your success. 


Luckily, private label CBD products make it easy to bring your brand vision to fruition.

Find Your Target Demographic

Once you’ve decided on what will make your brand stand out, take a look at potential target demographics to make sure it will stand out to them, too. 


Keep in mind that not every customer you get will be just like you nor like all of the same things. Your goal is to toe the line between being unique enough to be the company people choose without being so niche that you lose potential buyers to other CBD competitors.

 Provide Valuable CBD Content, Not Just Products 

The best CBD brands leading their industry take on positions as role models. Their social media influence teaches others about the benefits of CBD. Portions of their profits are donated to notable philanthropies and charities. They may even be leaders in policymaking that surrounds CBD or research into its effects. 


When you sell your products, the overarching idea is that you’re actually selling a CBD brand. Branding refers to the emotional response elicited by your corporate image as a whole and goes beyond the individual visual aspects or logo recognition. Give people a reason to support your brand beyond your product, and do so by providing valuable contributions like blogs, social media posts, community impact, or allyship to a cause.

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Formulating and Manufacturing CBD Products 

The biggest components to creating CBD products often exclude branding and instead put a majority of the focus on the sourcing, formulating, and manufacturing of the products. Consumers are careful about what they put into their bodies – for good reason – and CBD is absolutely no exception. The goal for your CBD products should be simple: provide effective, quality products.


Manufacturing your own CBD products alone is possible, but often requires a large investment in order to obtain the resources necessary. Many CBD opportunists see private label CBD products as the best way to achieve top-tier quality without losing the branding that makes them, them. 


With exclusive designs and high-end labels, your product can easily compete with name-brand alternatives, even becoming preferred to current market leaders. Moreover, private label manufacturers like Hemp Labs of America can help spearhead custom CBD formulation for your company alone, giving you all of the materials necessary to be distinctive.

How Do You Create a CBD Product?

When you choose Hemp Labs of America, you’re choosing the easiest route towards effective products that are branded for success. There’s no need to get caught up in the complicated details of hemp processing and manufacturing. 


Hemp Labs of America makes CBD manufacturing simple, so you can focus on your brand. All that’s necessary for jump-starting a line of CBD products with private labels is submitting a contact form on our site. From there, we will ask more about exactly what you want, taking note of the goals for your formula, packaging, and branding. 


Contact us at Hemp Labs of America today for custom and ready-made private label CBD formulas, and we’ll bring the rest to life!


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